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Corporate liability

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Companies may avoid the risk of incurring company liability, provided that they implement an effective Law 231 Model. An effective compliance program is the primary method by which a company can exclude or mitigate potential punishment after an indictment for misconduct or wrongdoing.

We can provide a Law 231 Model the can allow the company to benefit from the exemption from liability, by fallowing this steps:

  • Identify the risky activities or areas of activities within the company’s business.

  • Identify the modalities for handling financial resources suitable to prevent crimes.

  • Provide for specific protocols (policies) aimed at planning the formation and implementation of the company’s resolutions with respect to the prevention of potential crimes.

  • Appoint a monitoring body with autonomous powers of control, in charge of controlling the proper implementation and updating of the Law 231 Model.

  • Provide for continuous training to company employees and representatives on the Law 231 Model.

  • Provide for specific disciplinary sanctions applicable in case of noncompliance with the guidelines provided for in the Law 231 Model.

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